Benefits of Magnotherapy/ Magnetic Therapy for horses

Equine magnotherapy or magnetic therapy is a drug free, non-invasive natural treatment which gives pain relief and aids and speeds up the healing process, by increasing blood flow to the areas of the horse that are treated with magnets.

Magnets have been used in medicine for over 100,000 years.

They are now widely used on horses to treat, are are particularly beneficial for, equine degenerative bone conditions such as arthritis, healing wounds , bruising, circulatory problems, bowed or strained tendons, injuries to bone and soft tissue, diseases and complications in the back and to treat general stiffness and aches in a horse or pony.


There are two main types of equine magnet therapy products - bipolar magnet and pulsating electromagnetic field, PEMF, systems.

The main benefits of magnetic therapy for horses are gained via the increase in the blood circulation.

Blood has iron in it, which is naturally attracted to the magnets. This speeds up the delivery of nutrients and oxygen to the treated areas and improves the removal of toxins via the horse's lymph system.


Equine magnet therapy can also be used as a preventative treatment, stimulating bloodflow to a potentially weak or stiif area prior to exercise. Many racehorse trainers routinely use an electro magnetic rug on their horses for this purpose.

With PEMF systems different magnetic frequencies can be used for various purposes. A lower frequency promotes healing in horses, whilst a high frequency is recommended for removing the initial pain from an equine injury.

Therapy magnets are also good for treating wounds that need stitches - as magnotherapy can help to prevent swelling, which helps to avoid stitches breaking."

Equine Bipolar Magnotherapy Systems with magnets

Bipolar treatments , as used in the popular Bioflow magnotherapy products for horses, use a rug, boot or leg wraps that incorporate small magnets set so that the magnetic field of each magnet is the opposite of the ones next to it.

When blood flows past the magnets, charged atoms are moved towards and away from them according to whether the magnetic field is positive or negative .

This causes the blood vessels in that area to dilate, which promotes better blood flow to the treatment area and speeds up healing.

Pulsed Electro Magnetic Field Therapy (PEMF) systems

Pulsating magnotherapy systems use battery power to send a current down a coil of wire housed in a rug, boot or leg wrap placed on a horse or pony.

When an electric current is passed along the wire, an electromagnetic field is thrown out. The wire then acts as a magnet.

When the current stops the electromagnetic field disappears.

By turning the current on and off rapidly, the same effect on the tissues underneath can be achieved as with the magnets.

The stronger the current, the deeper the penetration.

PEMF magno-therapy systems tend to be stronger and have greater tissue penetration than the bipolar magnets. It is generally acknowledged that maximum benefit is gained from this type of system.

Bioflow magnetic therapy tendon boot

A brief History of Magnotherapy

Magnets were used to promote health in Africa as long ago as 98,000 BC. This was revealed when a magnetite mine 100,000 years old was discovered in Africa. The magnetite was used in foods, potions, and lotions.

Over 1,000 years ago the Chinese were the first to realise the benefits of magnet therapy. They carried "lode stones" made from a mineral with naturally ocurring magnetic properties.

It is thought that Cleopatra used the properties of magnetite as a beauty therapy.

In 1982 the police horse Sefton was treated with magno-therapy for the horrific injuries he received when an IRA bomb exploded in Hyde Park.

Manufactures of Equine Magnetic Therapy products

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  • Equimagnets - High Wycombe Bucks
  • FMBs and Magnet Medics 15 Langley Way Marlow Bucks SL7 2RQ
  • Equine Magnetic Therapy, Inc USA
Advice about the Benefits of Magnotherapy/ Magnetic Therapy for a horse or pony