Sweat Bumps - Homeopathic Remedies and Treatment for Nodular Skin Disease in Horses

The presence of hard fibrous lumps in a horse or pony's skin, often referred to as Sweat Bumps by horse owners, is sometimes given the more technical name of necrobiosis or equine nodular skin disease.

These lumps occur under the horse's skin and appear in particular areas, mainly under the saddle area, over the shoulder region and on the neck of the horse.

The hard nodules which form under the skin aren't painful and can be 2cm across.


The underlying cause of sweat bumps on horses isn't known for certain. One theory is that they may be due to an allergic reaction.

The hard nodules are characteristic of sweat bumps, but can occasionally become confused with pressure sores caused by an ill fitting saddle.

A biopsy can be taken to confirm the diagnosis of nodular skin disease in your horse or pony if there is any doubt.

Sometimes sweat bumps disappear spontaneously, but this is rare.

In the majority of horses and ponies sweat bumps will remain unless they are treated.

Sweat bumps rarely cause any problems to a horse, apart from being unsightly, unless they are under the saddle area when the lumps can become inflamed by rubbing.


Homeopathy and herbal medicine form the mainstay of natural treatments for the horse's skin - including sweat bumps.

Equine homeopathic remedies are best used in the 30c potency and given to the horse once a day.

A combination of homeopathic medicines are recommended to treat nodular skin disease in a horse or pony- Graphites 30c, Silica 30c and Thiosinaminium 6c .

This useful trio of remedies can be given to prevent further nodules or lumps developing on the horse and to slowly break down those bumps which are already present.

Dose the horse or pony on a rotational basis starting with Graphites on the first day, then Silica and finally Thiosinaminium on the third day.

On the fourth day start the sequence over again. Repeat as necessary until the sweat bumps have disappeared.

Advice about Sweat Bumps - Homeopathic Remedies and Treatment for Nodular Skin Disease in Horses and Ponies